Partners - What We Do

What We Do

We live in an area that hosts more than 4.6 million people overnight and receives 10.6 million day trippers annually. These visitors spend significant money while visiting Lehigh Valley, which builds business, creates and sustains jobs, improves quality of life and injects millions in the local economy.

Discover Lehigh Valley® works with partners to create promotional programs to attract visitors. We develop and execute marketing plans that create awareness and interest in Lehigh Valley. After all, tourism on average generates nearly $2 billion in revenue for the region, provides $395 million in tax revenue for federal, state and local governments, and is responsible for 22,500 area jobs with earnings approaching $881 million each year.

With more than 3,700 visitors per night occupying hotel rooms in Lehigh Valley, they need places to meet, eat, drink, shop and play. And, when you join Discover Lehigh Valley, marketing opportunities open up for your business. You have the chance to become more visible to more travelers than ever before.

Our marketing and public relations efforts all boil down to one word: communication.

Discover Lehigh Valley markets the region through a wide variety of media including print, TV, radio, digital and out-of-home. Public relations efforts generate stories and articles, while social media starts the conversations about the area with interested visitors.

Our marketing efforts also include promoting overnight travel packages created with the cooperation of partners. These packages are heavily promoted online and in print, through public relations, social media and in the Discover Lehigh Valley Official Visitors Guide. This high-quality, glossy magazine has an annual circulation of 200,000 and can be found throughout Lehigh Valley and beyond. It’s also online and mailed to interested visitors and meeting and planners each year.